We believe we can be the change we want to see in the world.

We're committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce.

We want to ensure that people from all background and societal groups feel they can be themselves and feel at home at RVU.


We can choose to do nothing, we can choose to be angry with the world, or we can choose to take action.

We choose action.

Not hollow words or quick fixes that make us feel good.

Deep-rooted action that will make a lasting impact way beyond the boundaries of our organisation.


This is just the start of our journey. The reality is that we have a long road ahead before diversity, equity, and inclusion are as integrated into all aspects of our business as we believe they need to be.


We're creating a focused curriculum for all employees to understand the history and impact of systemic racism on people of colour. We're looking specifically into industries where we do business and providing our leaders with training to build and support diverse teams.


Our company wide approach to Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) includes executive sponsorship, funding, and professional development for ERG Leaders. Current ERGs are focused on Women, BAME and LGBTQIA+. Over time, we will continue to provide support for all identity groups across the company.


With the guidance of an external expert, we are conducting a deep-dive assessment of our performance management processes, practices and tools, as well as our recruiting and hiring processes. After that, we'll focus on our promotion processes, compensation practices, and HR policies.

Employee Resource Groups

As part our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce, our Employee Resource Groups are here to give people a community to be part of and a safe space to meet and support one another.


“There’s a long road ahead before we can truly integrate diversity, equity and inclusion to all aspects of our business to the level we believe they need to be” | Kushal Ghuwalewala, BAME Employee Resource Group lead

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Women at RVU

“We are one part of a really important process that’s focused on making RVU the most inclusive workplace that it can be and making it a fantastic place for women to work” | Debbie Chandler, Women’s Employee Resource Group lead

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“It’s all about supporting an environment where people feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work.” | Richard Neudegg, LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group lead

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Interested in joining us?

At RVU every day brings the opportunity to challenge yourself and those around you. Valuing passion and a drive to improve, we're looking for people to bring a fresh perspective, who can help us in constantly challenging our own assumptions.