Life at RVU

At RVU we believe that 'everything is written in pencil'.

We've embraced a quick thinking, assumption-challenging culture and combined it with our unique industry expertise and experience. The result? An exciting place to work, where we challenge ourselves daily and adapt to change quickly. We have fun and take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Being great people to work with

Embracing our differences, we strive to create an inclusive environment where we are able to bring our best selves to work. We hold ourselves and our teammates accountable. We coach others and invest in strong performers and culture carriers. We have fun and we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Everything is written in pencil

Adaptability is our secret weapon. The bigger we get the smaller we act, so we constantly change the way we organise our work. Flat, small teams allow us to move quickly when we can and should. We value fresh perspective and constantly challenge our own assumptions.

Winning the right way

We stand up for what’s right. We provide outstanding experiences for our employees, customers, and partners. We want to invest in the communities we operate in and use our expertise to improve the world around us.

Leaving the wood pile higher than you found it

Our true purpose is to do all we can to positively change the trajectory of the people and communities that we touch. As long as we are clear and focused on this, our journey and our impact will be like no other.

Making every second count

We capitalise on momentum. We know that the world is changing quickly and we act deliberately and urgently, like we're running out of time. We value constant innovation and have a bias to action in order to get important things done.

We can be the change we wish to see in the world

We believe that action expresses priorities, and we have a responsibility as individuals and as an organisation to interrupt injustice and indifference whenever we see it. By holding ourselves accountable to being open and inclusive teammates, community members, and leaders inside the walls of RV, we will set an example for others in the world to follow.

Getting better every day

Embracing a growth mindset and focusing on making our teams better every day. We value coach-ability, passion and an intrinsic drive to improve. We challenge people to go outside of their comfort zones and promote the spirit of debate.

Employee Resource Groups

Women at RVU 

We work to build an inclusive community for the women in our workplace aligned with the RVU beliefs. We host various events throughout the year to offer development, resources, networking and mentoring opportunities for anyone who might be interested.


We work to ensure a welcoming and educational space for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies, raising awareness of important issues and celebrating moments that matter to our community, including organising external speakers and hosting a Pride podcast to shine a light on the stories and experiences of LGBTQIA+ employees.


We’re focused on inspiring employees of all abilities to achieve their full potential.  This is delivered by advancing awareness of long term health conditions, including visible and non-visible disabilities, providing practical support to all employees and providing feedback to RVU on how we can be a more inclusive place to work.


We exist to represent, and provide a confidential safe space for individuals to share and support one another, feed back, educate, and escalate issues to empower our colleagues

Meet the team

Click on the profiles below to learn about our team members' RVU experiences

Sarah Broomfield

Head of Product, Uswitch

Sarah Broomfield

Head of Product, Uswitch

"From starting in the business as a graduate, RVU has given me so many opportunities to grow and push out of my comfort zone. I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by a great bunch of people with a real passion for what they do, helping me to continuously develop. I love working with the team to solve real customer problems, at pace, every day."

Naga P. Guni

Principal Engineer,

Naga P. Guni

Principal Engineer,

“Working at RVU, I appreciate the emphasis on professional growth and career progression. The company's commitment to fostering talent through Technical Graduate and mentorship programs, skill development opportunities has been instrumental in my advancement. Joining in 2013 on their first Tech Graduate Programme, the progression from a graduate to a principal engineer over the last 10 years is a testament to the company culture, the support, advice and mentorship you get from your colleagues, it's just incredible. Additionally, the collaborative work environment and innovative projects make each day dynamic, contributing to a fulfilling and rewarding career journey.”

Lucy Moffat

Earned and Owned Media Manager,

Lucy Moffat

Earned and Owned Media Manager,

"My favourite part of working at RVU is the people. Working in agile, cross-functional teams with focused outcomes means we can bring real value to our consumers to help them make more empowered decisions. Not only have I made friends for life here but I've grown significantly in my career thanks to all my amazing colleagues who have supported me during my four years at RVU so far."

Ato Okai

Senior Regulatory Compliance Manager, RVU

Ato Okai

Senior Regulatory Compliance Manager, RVU

"Working at RVU over the last four years has been fantastic. It is very rare to find a work environment, that is truly challenging but also contains very supportive and helpful colleagues. The feedback culture is also a plus and is something that has benefited me a lot in my personal life!"

Diana Tannorella

Senior Marketing Executive,

Diana Tannorella

Senior Marketing Executive,

"I’ve had fantastic support during my maternity leave and on my return. The flexible working policy is a lifesaver for work-life balance and working with such a friendly talented team is a real bonus. Everyone’s always sharing knowledge and experiences, creating an atmosphere where everyone collaborates to better serve our customers."

What’s in it for you?

As well as making sure we're great people to work with, our benefits are our way of helping you stay happy and healthy, both inside and outside of work.

Hybrid working

We enjoy the social, collaboration and knowledge sharing aspect of working together in-person, but balance this with working from home. 


Build up your pension fund with our pension contribution scheme. We'll match up to 7.5%.

WFH budget

Make your home office work for you with a budget of £300 to expense back. 

Flexi-holiday policy

Buy an additional 5 days of leave, or roll over up to 5 days leave to the following year.

Working from anywhere

Whether you're spending extra time with your family or travelling to new places, you can take up to 4 weeks per year to work away from your home / our office. 

Annual leave

Enjoy life outside of work with 25 days annual leave per year, increasing with 1 day per year of employment until 30 days. You’ll also have 2 days “My Time” per year for personal days off. 

Maternity and paternity pay

Excellent enhanced maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave policies for those special times in your life. 

Financial support for life events

Get an interest free loan for those significant life moments like moving house, buying your first home, your wedding and IVF / fertility treatments.

RVU in the community

We believe in leaving the woodpile higher than you found it. It's one of our core beliefs. It's part of who we are.

We want to add value where we can make a real difference. We'll use our expertise. We'll give our time. We'll make a difference. We encourage every RVU employee to pitch their suggestions on new ways we can make a difference. One of the ways we do this is via our partnership with SEO London.


CodeF is a week-long coding bootcamp designed to introduce young women to the world of web development and coding, guiding them in building their own websites, and breaking down the barriers surrounding coding and technology!

Participants receive taster training in HTML, CSS and JavaScript through interactive classes and 1:1 engineering support that teaches participants how to create their own website from scratch.

Additionally, we have industry professionals speak to participants each day about their unique experiences in the tech industry and provide valuable insights into the tech landscape and its diversity.

The programme aims to foster a sense of community and belonging among women in technology, helping participants to feel empowered and motivated to pursue their goals.

We've been running CodeF for 4 years and we are always so impressed with the progress the students make in just one week!


RVUni is a free, in-person educational programme focused on Marketing and Analytics.

The programme aims to give sixth-form students the opportunity to learn about various professional roles within a tech company so that they can make an informed decision on whether working in the tech sector is right for them.

We aim to teach students transferable skills and help them think about their future studies and career.

2023 marked our third year of the RVUni program with xx Year 11 and 12 students from local schools taking part.


HerCapital is a 9-month holistic leadership programme aimed at first year female university students who have not already secured a spring week at point of application. Participants of the programme, Associates, must be driven, intellectually curious and eager to develop a professional interest in the corporate world of work. The programme aims to guide the Associates on their journey of self-development and to equip them with necessary skills to thrive in any leadership capacity.

Other ways you can give back 

Payroll giving

RVU will match your monthly donations to charity through our Payroll Giving scheme. We will match up to £40 per month for our charity partner, Crisis UK, and up to £20 per month for any other charity you wish to donate to.

Fund matching

RVU will match up to £500 of funds raised from events or activities in aid of our charity partners and up to £250 for other charities.

Empowering people to make confident decisions.