Data & Analytics

Data and Analytics allows RVU to make data-driven decisions for consumers and are the core to how we run our entire business. We use data to improve the journeys our customers take and to make key decisions on how we grow our business. 

Data and Analytics is split into two disciplines with core shared priorities & community of practice. They work embedded in multi-disciplinary teams within and across RVU brands on a range of challenges.

There are many options for career progression ranging from senior to lead, and cross-discipline moves between analyst or data engineer; to product or marketing manager, to business leader. With so many possibilities for development, which avenue you take depends on your interests, skills and experience!

Analysts are split into three competencies each with a different focus:

  • Product / BI analysts are key to empowering business, and product decisions and direction 

  • Marketing / CRM Analysts are instrumental in understanding the customer and driving better business performance from relevant and timely messaging in Paid and Organic channels

  • Commercial Finance Analysts focus on revenue and commercial negotiations

Each of these roles have core competencies that are expected across the roles; strong SQL, a good understanding of how data is generated and strong communication skills.

Our Data Engineers shape and guide data consumption at RVU, enabling stakeholders across the organisation to make meaningful decisions. We work according to a data mesh design where each team has ownership and responsibility of the data it produces.

We create pipelines, monitor health and quality metrics, and work closely with various stakeholders to enable new use cases for data. We also work on central data infrastructure and tooling, and provide support on data issues to the wider business.


Data & Analytics

Principal Analyst (Marketing) - Uswitch


Data Analyst (SEO team)


Data Analyst


Analytics Manager


Lead Customer Analyst