Net Zero

RVU Environmental Commitments

Our environmental mission is to accelerate the adoption of Net Zero homes.

To achieve this, we will follow the same three principles in achieving Net Zero in all aspects of our emissions. In priority order, these principles are:

1. Reduce first. Net Zero can't be achieved if energy use is not optimised, so we have to be as energy efficient as possible.

2. Upgrade second. Adopt new technologies that utilise new fuels or reduce energy use.

3. Offset what's left in meaningful high-quality schemes.

Business operations

We aim to reach Net Zero for our business operations by 2025.

We carried out an emissions assessment based on our 2019 operations, and will measure our Group’s carbon emissions going forward to target on areas where we can make the biggest impact:

  • Ensuring all of our offices are supplied by 100% renewable electricity

  • Reserving business travel for when video conferencing is less ideal

  • Office energy usage (e.g. more efficient use of air conditioning and heating systems)

  • Where possible, ensure the use of data centres we use to host our infrastructure and applications which we use to build experiences for customers are supplied by renewable energy.

Staff and customers

At RVU, we will use our brands to help customers make confident decisions when it comes to making their homes Net Zero in the areas that contribute the most in household carbon footprint. Those are:

  • Heating

  • Electricity

  • Personal Transport

We want to make sure we learn from everything we do, so we will test our approach with our staff first - we all need to make sure we do our bit to reach Net Zero.