RVU engineers focus on two main areas: product and platform. 

Our product engineers build customer-facing products, like the energy price comparison website. Our platform engineers build shared internal services. This enables us to be effective at scale.

We work in multi-disciplinary teams across the business centred around products, not projects. We focus on long-term problem solving and high value outputs, an approach that has been critical to our success.

Our engineers work on end-user applications, products and services. We are skilled in programming languages, such as: JavaScript, Clojure, Ruby, and Go.

We create the tools that ensure our consumers get the best experience. We get to see our changes first hand with visibility into our profits and the ability to immediately deploy to production.

We release frequently (140 deploys per day on average this year), use open source (like GitHub) and automate with Kubernetes and Drone.

At RVU, we provide plenty of opportunities, both internal and external, for our engineers to further their expertise wherever possible.



Software Engineer

Permanent • London

Senior Software Engineer - Product

Permanent • London

Senior Software Engineer - Platform

Permanent • London

Senior Data Engineer

Permanent • London

Site Reliability Engineer

Permanent • London