Vault Creds

Program (and Docker container) to be run as a sidecar to your application requesting dynamic database credentials that will be leased while the application is active or requests certificate for the designated ttl.

It implements authentication according to Vault's Kubernetes Authentication flow.


We have enabled some simple metrics to be collected from the vault-creds pod.

These simple metrics are:

  • An error count of the number of errors during credential renewal

  • A unix timestamp of the last error during renewal of a secret

  • A unix timestamp of the last successful renewal of a secret

  • The amount of second remaining until the secret lease expires

These metrics are only available if you have a Prometheus Push Gateway.

We have chosen to use a Push Gateway because of how vault-creds is deployed. As vault-creds is meant to be deployed in a Pod alongside the main application, we did not want to cause unnecessary complications with exposing metrics and ports for scraping by Prometheus that may conflict with the main application.

To get these metrics in your Push Gateway, pass the --gateway-addr flag with the address to send metrics too.

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