Uswitch Gender Pay Gap 2021

Gender Pay Gap is a government reporting requirement. The UK Government explains Gender Pay Gap as the difference in the average hourly wage of all men and all women across a workforce. This means that we take all salaries together, by gender, and create metrics based on these results. The two key metrics we report on are ‘mean’ and ‘median’ (see below for more detail on these metrics).

We looked at the pay of all men and women in our organisation on 5 April each year - the annual date we are required to report on under the government legislation.

Mean pay gap: The mean gender pay gap figure is assessed by including the hourly pay of all full-pay employees to calculate the difference between the mean (average) hourly pay of men, and the mean (average) hourly pay of women.

Median pay gap: The median pay gap is the difference between the hourly pay of the median full-pay relevant men and the hourly pay of the median full-pay relevant woman. The median is the number that falls in the middle of a range when employees' salaries are grouped from smallest to largest.

Hourly pay gap: As of 5 April 2021, Uswitch Limited had 250 relevant employees in which 90 were women and 160 were male employees. Within the 250 employees, 248 employees were included in the full pay relevant calculations i.e. 88 female and 160 male employees (two employees were on reduced maternity pay). The data from this group of people provides our mean and median Gender Pay Gap results, as below:

Bonus pay gap

For the period of 6 April 2020 to 5 April 2021, we paid 229 employees bonuses relating to i.e. performance, commission, sign-on bonuses, long service awards, referral bonuses and group referrals. Bonuses were awarded to 80 women and 149 men who received a payment relating to bonus within the 12 month pay period.

The percentage of employees receiving a bonus: 93% Male, 89% Female. The data from this group of people provides our mean and median Bonus Pay Gap results, as below: 

Other GPG requirements

The government also requires us to publish the proportion of employees in each pay quarter according to their gender. For the quartiles calculations Uswitch Limited had 248 employees as of 5 April 2021, divided by four equal quartiles - 248 divided by 4 is 62, as shown below: