Apply for RVUni: a marketing & analytics course for A-Level students

What’s RVUni?

RVUni is a three-day business education course in Marketing & Analytics for A-Level students.

The course is led by expert colleagues who work for RVU’s suite of online brands, which include,, and Tempcover.

It covers the essential knowledge you will need to apply for entry-level roles in departments like Social Media, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Content marketing and more. The lessons are also there to help you decide what university degree, or even career, you might want to follow.

Applications are now open for the fourth RVUni course since 2021, with this one scheduled for 28th to 30th August 2024.

Who is RVUni for?

RVUni is designed for school students aged between 16-18 who are interested in taking a university degree in marketing, analytics or general business studies.

We want to welcome passionate, eager students from all backgrounds into our London headquarters for an expert crash course on what goes on at a UK-wide company.

If you think you or your child will benefit from our marketing & analytics summer course, then follow the instructions below to apply.

How to apply for RVUni

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Contact us

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Why is RVU running a business course for students?

We want to help the next generation of professionals have fair access to the world of tech. We already run a successful CodeF initiative for female computer engineers at university, and RVUni is our campaign to reach out to students before they decide on their university degree.

In 2020, the Covid pandemic led to the cancellation of A-Level exams, leading to lots of confusion over how to grade college and sixth form students who were set to progress into university or Sixth Form the next year.

This led to many students being deferred by their chosen universities because although their predicted grades qualified, the university had oversubscribed on their acceptance offers and reached their admissions capacity for the year.

In addition, studies have shown that students from disadvantaged backgrounds were far more likely to fall behind during school closures over the last year, given the lack of access they had to online learning resources.

So to help plug the education gap for students with low social mobility who are looking to go to university this year, RVU Pay It Forward set out to run a crash course on the many avenues young professionals could take in a digital and technology business like RVU.

How is the RVUni course run?

The course runs for three full days, with two lessons from a different marketing department each day. All sessions are led by RVU colleagues who have volunteered their time to teach a topic related to their expert role in Marketing or Analytics.

We’ll also run a CV workshop and set a presentation task for the students to talk about a business idea they’re passionate about.

You’ll be able to add together all the key knowledge you’ve learned from our esteemed colleagues, and convince a judging panel of RVU dragons to invest in your pitch.

And of course, you’ll get to enjoy free lunch on us.