We believe in leaving the wood pile higher than you found it. It's one of our core beliefs. It's part of who we are.

Our true purpose is to do all we can to positively change the trajectory of the people and communities that we touch. And use our privileges for good.

We want to add value where we can make a real difference. We'll use our expertise. We'll give our time. We'll make a difference.

We encourage every RVU employee to pitch their suggestions on new ways we can make a difference.

Pay it Forward

Our Pay it Forward mission:

To use our network, expertise and passion to give genuine help to people who genuinely need it.


Our Pay it Forward initiative is all about empowering RVU employees to leave a positive, lasting impact on the communities and industries we work in.

The initiatives we're proud to be involved with so far ...

There's a wide range of initiatives RVU Pay it forward are supporting, each with causes close to the hearts of our employees. Here's just a flavour of the type of support you could get involved in.

Oasis UK

Local charity building safe, supportive communities, helping to lift vulnerable people out of poverty.

We're paying it forward by helping sort organise and label the huge number of donations at their South London food banks.

The mix

UK Charity providing free, confidential support for young people.

We're paying it forward by volunteering on their helpline, supporting young people on topics ranging from mental health to managing finances.

SEO London

(Sponsors for Educational Opportunity)

Preparing talented students from ethnic minority or low socioeconomic backgrounds for career success.

We're paying it forward by providing courses designed and led by RVU employees.

With lots more opportunities planned in the future, we're excited to see the impact our support will have on our community.

Latest Pay it Forward news

The Mix hackathon

October 2020

Last week we partnered with The Mix charity to run a company-wide 'hackday' to come up with creative ideas to help promote 'social good'. The winning team came up with InstaScan, a tool which analyses Instagram influencers and measures the impact their photos may have on young people's body confidence.

CodeF Technology Week

July 2020

We've been thrilled to be working with SEO London to deliver our CodeF Technology Week training course. It was an awesome effort by all involved. So great to see all of the websites that have been produced after just one week!

Some of the other ways you can give back

Good deed day

Take an extra day of annual leave to volunteer for any registered charity or non-profit organisation of your choice.

Fundraise matching

RVU will match up to £500 of funds raised from events or activities in aid of our charity partners and up to £250 for other charities.

Payroll giving

We'll match your monthly charity donations up to £40 per month for our charity partners. And up to £20 per month for other charities.

Uswitch community events

Our events train people from underprivileged and low-income areas on how to switch and save money on their utilities.

Interested in joining us?

At RVU every day brings the opportunity to challenge yourself and those around you. Valuing passion and a drive to improve, we're looking for people to bring a fresh perspective, who can help us in constantly challenging our own assumptions.